Brief Bio

Rapper/Producer A.R Shad is an artist who creates mellowhype style music. His sound is vividly discriptive of his life experiences, relationships and conscious thoughts. Skilled, witty, comedic, & driven to do everything from writing and producing, the artist also creates his own videos on youtube.

Extended Bio

Arshad Frazier, or aka A.R Shad, born February 13, 1996, is an independent artist from a small town out of Lancaster, SC. He grew up there most of his life, learning to mature without the everyday love of a father or mother. Although he was born in texas where his hispanic mothers side of the family lived, he was forced to live with his african american fathers family. He was received under the care of his fathers cousin to at the age of 4. It wasn't until the age of 14 where he felt the erge to write. Dealing with issues at home, the feeling of being an outcast, and the lack of affection from family, fellow companions and crushes, he picked up the pen and began to vent. 

Learning and gaining influence from mainstream artist like T.I and Drake, rapper A.R Shad began to develop his own flow. Downloading countless numbers of beats from the internet and writing whole new songs or complete freestyles, the rapper found his niche. It wasn't until the age of 15 that he decided to become serious with the art. He began creating his very own songs, telling his storys of relationship stuggles, family differences, and the difficulty of feeling neglected by everyone he knew. The rapper branched out to a high school friend Patrick Rutledge Aka PCRstar Productions to collaborate for an upcoming talent show. The two began to create many songs together, which lead to A.R Shads first ever released mixtape "Hell of It" which was released on itunes, amazon and spotify for a short period. Also his first independent album "Opening Up" in 2014. By then Arshad was finishing his 12th grade year in school and had began producing for himself that year, later to put out his on own self produced mixtape "The Prelude" followed by an unmastered version of his 2nd album "Dare Me To Say It" released in 2015. 

Later that year A.R Shad moved to Fayetteville, NC, The home of mainstream artist J.Cole. He first released a self produced mixtape "Hell of It 2" not long before an E.P "The Green Era" produced by Kyle Justice who had also produced J. Coles "A Dollar and A Dream 3".  A.R Shad is building his skills, rapidly building a crowd and getting exposure by producing songs for other artist, releasing singles on his soundcloud and creating his own videos for his youtube channel. The young and aspiring artist has his hands in every area from writing, rapping, producing music and videos, whether it's comedy or music. The kid is determined to shine and build his brand at the same time. 


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    Caza Nightclub

    2526 HillsBorough St. Raleigh, NC

    06:30:00 PM