Dub Wheeler born February 14, 1994 from Gary, Indiana gained attraction for music instantly growing up hearing stories through rap songs played in the basement. At a young age he starting recording, producing, and engineering himself after losing his uncle Brandon Ray Dec. 3, 2006 in a car accident. He was only 25. The tragedy created a deep interest into music that grew into passion. Always sticking to the code of ethic, he proclaims the poverty sound waves into growth meek sound. In 2014, Dub Wheeler created TeamFlight to ensure all fans, supporters, and music makers become apart of a growing support system that leads everyone to success through genuine love. TeamFlight is growth, belief, and support in one's dream. Considering all the negatives, Dub Wheeler strives at making his fans feel like family with love and feedback. "I want to bring it back to true fans. The one's who can't sleep because they know your about to drop some heat! Or the fans that try to get know the artist and not just listens to the music. I want my fans to be my family. I want to talk hopefully to learn about them and what they struggle with, because having that relationship could shape the minds of the younger generation."


Founder of TeamFlight 



  • Exclusively on the website Prey was released for free download on Soundcloud today! An appetizer until the main course releasing December 1st, Shooting for my Dreams bring heat in the winter. 2018 artist to blow with the same trait approach of Tupac Shakur. Only to raising our brother in oppression to clear focus on the rising tide bigger than the hood.

  • Dub Wheeler's "Shooting for my Dreams" mixtape came out of nowhere but only to shake the airs waves. Compelling already it has listeners on the edge of their seats after the brief annoucement of "Prey". The official release date has been announced as December 1st. Be sure to look out for heated December!

  • Dub Wheeler to release "Shooting for my Dreams" this November/December 2017

    "From the bench to on the court."

    Shooting for my Dreams mixtape is of a aspire-known tradition, with Dub Wheeler written all over it. With complimentary taste on future release, all phenomenal in addition being raised in Gary, Indiana arriving on the holiday propellors on a flight pad landed! This tape all higher-stakes given award higher than 21 Savage x Offset Without Warning, so take the cake and shove it in they’re face. Great deed, Dub also has blueprinted business plans in mind for his city with “kings". Producing and engineering his projects prior nationalized great collaboration for this remarkable feed. He details savage compounds in Gary, among pain feel from his recent ex, but his vibe explodes on being his breaking tape. Deserves the name, “Black Royalty” in my book.



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    The Link Bar

    Come out to the Link Bar Feb 12th, 2015 . ALL INVITED !

    10:00:00 PM

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    Bobby McGee's ( Star bar )

    10139 S. Harlem Ave., Chicago Ridge, IL, 60415

    05:00:00 PM


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    If you want to book any shows, interviews, or inquries for December 2017 / 2018 fill out the contact us form or email us at Info.DubWheeler@gmail.com

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