Born into a family name as Musicaro what else could Gabrielle be born to do! This vibrant soul was born to do music. At a very early age of 2 she would mimic jingles and commercials. By 3 she was performing in front of an audience, which is a memory that she can never forget. Being raised in a very motivated diverse home, schooling and extra curriculum activities were a must. This talented 20 year old has tried a bit of all aspects of performing arts from drama, dance, cheerleading, chorus and has been recording music since 13. Music has came natural and is an effortless task. A passion that keeps growing with the continued support of both her parents and family.


This NY girl is undeniably a star, the girl next door with a splash of Italian and Puerto Rican blood. Writing all her music, she takes her emotions and own experiences to touch an audience. She thrives from being in the spotlight and looking out at an audience and seeing her music and words touch another soul. Gabrielle enjoys sharing her gift and volunteers her time at a nursing home to sing to the elderly. Everyone has a given gift and Gabrielle knows and enjoys sharing hers, it is something that brings her much joy and happiness. Gabrielle is currently studying theatre and performance at Purchase College in NY. Balancing school and her career are definitely a challenge but it is a choice she is not turning back on. Her down to earth attitude, appreciation and carefree charisma have kept her balanced. On any given week she could be studying and attending classes to then jumping on a flight to Miami and have a Grammy award winning producer work on a record ft. French Montana.


Musically she thrives on creating harmonies and bridges, with much training she has learned how to hit those notes. Always pushing to be better she continues training and practicing different styles of music from Broadway to R&B to Pop and even some classical.


She’s THAT girl that will leave you wanting more…..So I hope you are ready for this journey because it’s just the beginning for Gabrielle Musicaro!


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