• Feb 14 Sat

    07:00 PM

    Valentine's Party

    Oceanside Yacht Club 1950 North Harbor Drive Oceanside, CA 92054

  • May 08 Fri

    06:30 PM

    Come and enjoy Contemporary Smooth Jazz at the Shoppes in Chino Hills. Music starts at 6:30 PM. See you there!

    Come and enjoy Contemporary Smooth Jazz at the Shoppes in Chino Hills. Music starts at 6:30 PM. See you there!

  • May 15 Fri

    04:00 PM

    Private Corporation Event

    This will be a hospitality event for corporate and private aviation pilots at Luxivair SBD ( We will be hosting an international food, wine, and beer tasting in a 4-star hotel environment.

  • May 24 Sun

    04:00 PM

    The Shoppes at Chino Hills

    Come and enjoy Contemporary Smooth Jazz at the Shoppes in Chino Hills. Music starts at 4:00 PM. See you there

  • Jun 12 Fri

    04:00 PM

    The Four Seasons in Beaumont, Ca

    Come and enjoy Contemporary Smooth Jazz at the Four Seasons Resort in Beaumont, Ca. See you there

  • Aug 15 Sat

    05:00 PM

    The Shoppes (Public Performance)

    08.15.2015 The Shoppes @ Chino Hills Presents LIVE JAZZ FEATURING Smooth Jazz FHG Band MALL EVENTS VENUE Event Time: 5-8pm Entrance :Is Free For Information Regarding Future Events please visit the website @ The Shoppes Chino Hills, CA 91709

  • Aug 29 Sat

    05:30 PM

    North Hills Church (Public performence)

    North Hills SDA Church 1717 N Mountain Ave Claremont, CA 91711 909-621-3079

  • Dec 28 Mon

    12:00 AM

    Mission Inn Festival of Lights

    Rainy Weather has caused a cancellation of our event tonight at the Festival of Lights. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused to some of you. We will keep you informed of any future events as they occur. Thanks for following us!

  • Dec 28 Mon

    08:00 PM

    The Riverside Festival of Lights at The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, Riverside, 3649 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA, 92501, United States of America, ‏‎800-491-6126‎

    Getting ready for New Years celebration? Come and enjoy Smooth Jazz Music at The Riverside Festival of Lights at The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, Riverside, Ca. See you there!

  • Feb 13 Sat

    03:00 PM

    Riverside City Mall - 3900 10th St, Riverside, Ca

    Come clebrate the Black History Parade and Expo sponsored by the NAACP, The City of Riverside with Adrian Dell and Carmen Roberts Foundation.

  • Nov 27 Sun

    04:30 PM

    Misssion Inn - Festival of Lights - Riverside, Ca

    11.27.2016The Riverside Festival of LightsAt the Mission InnFor info visit: R&B SMOOTH JAZZFEATURINGSmooth Jazz FHG BandEvent Time: 4:30- 6:30pmAdmission is “Free” For Info Regarding Band Future Events pleasevisit the website @

  • Mar 17 Fri

    06:00 PM

    La Sierra Senior Center, 5215-B La Sierra Blvd, Riverside, Ca

    Tickets are $3.00 at the door. Only 250 seats available!

  • Apr 01 Sat

    06:00 PM

    Pacific Palms Resort, City of Industry, Ca

    Private Retirement Party

  • Apr 22 Sat

    12:30 PM

    Perris, Ca

    Private Party! 8oth Birthday Celebration!

  • May 06 Sat

    12:00 PM

    Mission Inn, Riverside, Ca

    Private Party - Baptism celebration!


  • TITLE 



  • Sergeant Al Fraijo is celebrating his retirement with over 30 years with Los Angeles CountySheriff Department! Congratulations for a well deserved celebration of service to the people of LA County.

  • Do you like oldie R&B songs played in a Contemporary Smooth Jazz way? Come join us for an evening of "Java and Jazz with an R&B Flavor" at the La Sierra Senior Center, Riverside, Ca. Location is 5215-B, La Sierra Ave, Riverside, California.


Our band, Smooth Jazz FHG, consisting of seasoned and experienced musicians from the Inland Empire of Southern California, formed in 2013.  We are just a bunch of guys who love to play smooth jazz exercising the musical gifts that God gave us.


Our repertoire of songs consists of several songs of our own composition plus other smooth jazz standards.   These songs are all performed in an upbeat Contemporary Smooth Jazz style.



Tony Rue (saxophonist, web master for Smooth Jazz FHG and plays soprano, alto and tenor saxophones) Soprano Sax: Selmer, Model 80 Super Action Series III, Alto Sax: Dolnet, Model Bel Air, Tenor Sax: Yamaha, Model YTS-82Z "Custom Z"


He has a worked as a scientist for the U.S. Navy which included working as a U. S. Navy Lab representative on the staff of the Commander of US Forces in South Korea.  He has also worked as a computer programmer and pastor for a Christian church. He started playing saxophone when he was 7 years old and took lessons for 7 years under Col. Vesey Walker who later became the band leader at Disneyland (his son, Tommy Walker, directed the Trojan Band at USC). It wasn't his choice to play sax, but it was the choice of his determined Christian mother! He started with a curved soprano sax (possibly a sopranino sax - that memory is a little fuzzy) and then switched to his Dolnet Alto sax.


During high school and college he always played 1st chair in the saxophone section of the school band and won 1st place in several large regional talent festivals. After graduating from a Christian college (La Sierra College in Riverside, CA) in 1966 he was hired by the Naval Weapons Center at Norco, CA as a mathematician. Then in 1970 he gave life to Christ. He played only occasionally for church, but much later when Kenny G came along with his smooth jazz style, he became more determined in pursuing the saxophone and purchased his soprano sax. And ever since, as a Christian, playing sax in the Smooth Jazz style has been a growing passion and feels that God is leading him in his musical pursuits.


He has played in the Inglewood Boys Band, Sheriff Boys Band, Pomona Concert Band, Big Gospel (a Christian band playing traditional Christian/Gospel music in big band swing style) and also started playing in a small band for his Christian church (North Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church). This small band has since grown into a full-fledged praise and worship band and he is the leading instrumental soloist. And while attending a Christian Seminary studying to be a pastor, he played in an on-campus saxophone quartet.


He currently plays for several bands including Solera Swing in Apple Valley (a 30's, 40's style dance band), Band of Brethren in Northern California (a Christian folk band), Smooth Jazz for His Glory and has professionally performed at numerous weddings, parties, corporate and other events. He now lives in the Inland Empire of Southern California.


Note of interest: On his 70th birthday, his church surprised him with a fabulous gift, a bran-new Yamaha, top-of-the-line, tenor saxophone!


His web site is



Jomon Fox (Keyboardist and Singer)


Music is a constantly evolving expression of the soul with endless ways to do so, however to be limited to solely one form can be a limit on life itself". Jomon, in his musical works, solo and associated, has sought to achieve a well rounded artistic expression to the Lord. Born September 18th, 1979, Jomon was raised up under various musical influences between his parents. This lead to early familiarity with gospel, contemporary christian, traditional and contemporary jazz, and classical. Other influences, due to interests of older siblings, included pop, rock and R&B. Jomon would receive the greatest of influence in church ministry. At age nine Jomon began staring in church musicals and was cast the lead role of Gabriel in Shilo Christian Fellowship's production of 'Angels Aware' in 1989. Unaware of it at the time, this marked the beginning of Jomon's development in music ministry. In 1992-93 Jomon became involved with various performances and musicals at Orange Christian School under the direction and mentoring of his teacher at the time, John Hernandez, from whom a perspective and drive for music technology, composition and ministry was instilled. In 1993, Following middle school, Jomon attended Heritage Christian High in Anaheim, California where he set to begin preparing for his music major. Jomon upon his freshman year got involved with the music program at Heritage and entered choir, while becoming an active participant in the chapel ministry as one of the vocalists, all four years until graduation in 1997. It was during this time that Jomon was being established as the keyboardist for a dynamic, but short lived church called New Life Family Fellowship, who's praise and worship one Sunday morning led the inspiration for one of Jomon's original songs "We Serve A Good God".


Jomon's college education began at Santiago Canyon College, Orange, California, following high school graduation. It was there that he began his major in vocal performance and took master chorale, studying under Dr. Larry Ball. This led to an opportunity to travel to New York in 1999 to perform at Carnegie Hall. In 2000 Jomon transferred to Chapman University. Taking on music education, performance, and arts, Jomon became a vocalist with the university choir under the direction of Dr. William Hall. This gave Jomon opportunities to travel with the choir to various western states, including northern california and across the pacific to Hawaii for the 2002 A.S.C.D.A. convention. Jomon took great delight in his involvement with the university choir, as to provide moving performances at theaters, churches, and schools, making differences in the lives of others through music. It was within this period of study that the conviction for praise and worship music production and composition had reached a breaking point and the idea for J-Fox Productions was born. Established in 2002, Jomon performed a variety of services and had written, performed, and produced his first cd 'I Am That Vessel' under his own independent label, JFP Records. It was after the completion of four educated years at Chapman University that Jomon would devote his time and energy to full time praise and worship ministry.


By 2004, Jomon had acquired deep acquaintances with several individual musicians with a heart for worship like himself from his church. This group would later come to be called 'Wings of Praise'. In 2006 a divinely ordered transition had occurred; 'Wings of Praise', including Jomon himself, was called out of remnants of what was known as 'New Life Family Fellowship' into a greater forum of music ministry and opportunity. Since the transition in ministry, Jomon has been musically active with his family and individuals of 'Wings of Praise' at 'The Waterbrook' in Orange County, California. Jomon is also active with various outreaches led in music ministry by 'Wings of Praise' and 'Basilikos'.


On December 1st, 2012 Jomon was ordained an Assistant Pastor and Musical Director at Praise Chapel of Perris, California, where he is transitioning into full time ministry. Jomon currently resides in Perris.


Wayne Marshall (Lead Guitarist)


Wayne was born in Montreal Canada and moved to the United States as a child. At around 10 years old he discovered his love for the guitar, music and sound. (He continues with a passion for excellence.) His interest in jazz sparked with the fusion heroes of the 70’s but later he turned down the volume with the “smoother" styles of Jazz, Pop and Rock.


Wayne acquired a degree in music and later after meeting his wife (and singer) Londie formed a duo called WindyNites. They played together for hundreds of hours at all sorts of venues from coffee houses to popular night spots and occasionally he took the opportunity to play as a soloist.


Along the way Wayne was persuaded by the strong evidence of the gospel and became a believer and follower of Jesus of Nazareth, turning his music toward the glory and praise of His Name. Recognizing that his talents are a gift and blessing he now focuses his given talent and the love of the Jazz/Fusion style to play Smooth Jazz FHG.


James Brewster (Bass) 


James Brewster started playing bass in 1969 after watching a fifth grade talent show. He knew he could play music like the people on the stage and a bass guitar with amplifier was the instrument his father could afford after much convincing. He formed a band in middle school and did gigs with other young kids from his school, playing current top 40 songs of the day. After graduation from high school he became serious about music and began laying the foundation for his bass skills by studying with bass teachers, taking junior college music courses, and attending the Bass Institute of Technology in Hollywood for a time. Playing upright and electric bass, he would continue playing in many interesting studio and entertainment venues in the Southern California area until he felt led by the Spirit to settle down with his family.


James became a Christian in 1994 and began playing for the music ministry at Carson Christian Outreach Community Church in Carson, California where he would remain until 2004 when he moved to Riverside, California and has been playing bass in the Praise and Worship Team for Bethesda Revival Center Church in Riverside, California since 2006. Christian music is the soul’s expression of love to God in worship and praise. Christian music comes in many forms, some traditional, some contemporary and every genre in between. James enjoys exalting and lifting up Christ in song and music, whether it is in the congregation on Sundays or on the beach at sunset with SmoothJazzforHisGlory. “I will sing a new song unto thee, O God: upon a psaltery [and] an instrument of ten strings will I sing praises unto thee.” (Psalms 144:9).



Ed Escobedo (Percussionist).


I was born and raised in Los Angeles, in a small town called Glassell Park, when I first heard the Santana Band in 1970, I was blown away by it's percussive attack, I knew in my heart, what I wanted to do, but play percussion. Percussion resonates in my soul.


After many years of jamming around town, My wife and I moved to Chino Hills, there at Saint Paul The Apostle Catholic Church, My wife and I joined the Music Ministry, with a band called Pure Heart, where we sang the praises of God and I continue my ever evolving spiritual path.  That has led me to play and sit in with several bands around time, and currently playing for the Spyrol band. Whether it be Latin Rock, Jazz, Soul, Pop or Classic Rock/ Blues, music is in my Soul.


My percussion set up is two sets of LP Congas Matador and Performer series also two sets of Bongos, LP Timbales, Percussion Rack with a wide assortment of percussion

One final thought, words are by Carlos Santana,
The most valuable possession you can own is an OPEN HEART
The most powerful weapon you can be, is an instrument of PEACE



Robert Dillard (Drummer)


Robert "Bob" Dillard hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and has been involved with music since his early days of childhood. He would always find items around the house to play with the beat of music. He used spoons, sticks and whatever he could find to beat on pots, pans and anything that would make a sound like drums. He drove his family nuts because of the constant noise he was making! It's a good thing he was raised in a Christian family where God-given patience tolerated such rackett.


His love for drumming was given a formal musical education starting in Junior High and High School where he was a drummer for the school’s orchestra. He continued on with drumming once he entered the Military (MP) and played in his off time with a group who toured Korea and played at GI gatherings and music halls.


Once he left the military, he played with several other groups at weddings, parties and other functions throughout the early 70’s and 80’s. He played intermittently during his Law Enforcement career, but being a Christian, God had put in his heart a deep yearning for more playing time as a drummer and percussionist. This yearning brought him to the New Day Christian Fellowship Church in Riverside, CA where he started playing as a fulltime Praise and Worship Team Drummer and Percussionist.


He is currently a retired Lieutenant, after 28 ½ years of service, from the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department. His drum and percussion kit consists of Gretsch Maple, Sabian and Zildjian cymbals, LP Percussions and various exotic instruments.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you desire our band to perform for your event, or any other audition information. Our email address is - and the telephone number is 951 940 4521. Follow us on Facebook! Looking forward to entertaining you!