Power, Ferocity, strength, and beauty… These are some of the words that come to mind when you witness and hear this emerging powerhouse of music for the first time. Delivering a sound that shapes a mixture of Rock, Pop, Punk influences while supporting lead singer Lauren Harlow’s powerful and dynamic vocal prowess, you cannot help but make comparisons to Pat Benatar, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett and Pink. Relatively new to the musical world, Harlow has been tearing up each and every stage that presents itself to them as they throw down the flag that says there is a new player in the game. Formed in late 2013, every member of Harlow hails from the greater Detroit area. They have spent years making a name for themselves in other groups in the local Detroit scene. As Harlow came together they knew that something special was going on and they wasted no time to get the momentum rolling. Acclaimed as a Super Group of local talent by some, these four have shrugged off this label and have spent most of 2014 not only representing Detroit but spreading out to the Midwest and venturing new areas in the east of the US to larger and larger crowds. With the recent release of a self-titled EP and the pending release of their first full-length Album “Shattered” the band is gearing up for more shows across the US and showing everyone who and what they are made of. With the epic return of Joe Allen in 2016 and the entrance of Katelynn Corll on drums, Harlow has taken strides toward the next level. Harlow is the next bombshell on modern music and aims to make music that will connect with all ages, creeds and provide people with music to be a fan of again.


Lauren - Lead Vocals:

Lauren Weaver is the epitome of Sexy and rock and roll. She is fierce in her ways, her delivery of a song and she cannot help but bring you into the web that she is weaving while on stage. Coming from a musical family, Lauren developed her ear, her voice and a passion for music early in her development as a musician. Don't let being a vocalist fool you, her voice is her instrument and she knows how to use it. You can find Lauren's work with Broke and Maybe Whitney as well.


Kelly - Bass Guitar and Vox:
If you like a heavy groove, with a fat bottom to a song and a thunderous attack then you will like what Kelly Weaver is laying down for you. The elder statesman of the band, Kelly is a seasoned vet who has had some success in his career and looking to make it back out again. Bringing a powerful voice to match his powerful presence he can take a lead as well and add another layer of harmony to any song. You can find Kelly's work with bands such as Black Collar Manifesto, KRONiS, Highwater, .12 Gauge Persuasion and more.


Joe Allen - Guitar:  

As one of the founding members of Harlow, Joe has always brought tasty riffs and smooth melodies to the Harlow jams. He is now back in action with the group after a year long hiatus. 


Katelynn Corll - Drums:  

This gal is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist, and solo artist from Metro-Detroit. This prodigy has played with bands such as Blood and Wine, and is also a current member of "Wolf and the Crane", as well as "The Kent Koller Trio". She truly is one fine musical talent; and a person that we look forward to creating NEW Harlow music with! With this new badass member, we are getting back to the hustle that we are so well known for!





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    GM River Days

    Join us as we make our Riverdays debut on Friday June 23rd at 5:30pm on the Chevrolet stage. Bring the family... food, rides, great bands and more... See you soon!!!#riverdaysrocks2017  

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