Mr. CAP, an International Rap Artist from Houston, Texas, is one of the original members of the South Park Coalition aka S.P.C. – a worldwide organization comprised primarily of rap artists, DJs, EEM CEEs, and other musicians, founded in Houston, TX by childhood friend and rap artist, K-Rino. A descendant of blues legend Johnny "Guitar" Watson and The Greer Brothers, well known for their controversial 1973 song "We Don't Dig No Busing”, Mr. CAP developed an early appreciation for music and performing on stage. His knowledge of the industry and passion for entertaining an audience has earned him over 20 years of experience and respect as an artist. In 2011, Mr. CAP hit the underground scene with his debut album "2 Tha Grave", noted by fans as Southern Hip-Hop Indie at its best. During his career Mr. CAP has been featured with a host of main stream Hip Hop artists, including, but not limited to Screwed Up Click, PointBlank, K-Rino, Scarface, O.N.E., PaPa Reu, H-Town, Lil Flip, Z-Ro, Mike Jones, Ying-Yang Twins, Too $hort, Bun B, and Pimp-C.


Born Cornelius A. Pratt to Cornelius and Brenda Pratt on April 5, 1973, in Houston, Texas, Mr. CAP was raised on the south side of Houston in the urban community of South Park. From the early age of eight, he performed regularly alongside his family at local venues around the Houston area, watching his parents and uncles (The Greer Brothers) make music history. Mr. CAP attended Jack Yates Senior High School in Houston’s Third Ward, graduating in 1992. While attending high school he formed his first rap group, “The Raise Up Posse”, with high school friends Darryl J. Fontenot (Texas Tech of the South Park Coalition) and Ronnie Bernard (Ron-E, a solo performer). Their group later became known as Niggaz Under Siege, as they lost member Ron-E and gained two new members, X-BAM (of Killa Klan) and Brain Dead (of South Park Coalition). It was around that same year that Mr. CAP joined the South Park Coalition, founded by childhood friend K-Rino in 1986. Niggaz Under Siege, managed by Darryl Scott along with DJ Screw and Michael Price, who pioneered slowing down music (Screw Music) and creating mixtapes, became very popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s in Houston, Texas and on mainstream radio stations, but never released an album as a group. The members of Niggaz Under Siege broke up in late 1992 and began solo careers when Mr. CAP was sentenced to prison for an undisclosed offense. After his release from prison, Mr. CAP continued to work on his craft and passion. Years of performing and gaining respect in the underground circuit for his delivery and stage presence paid off and led to the joining of forces with O.N.E. (Black One of the Screwed Up Click aka “S.U.C”). Mr. CAP and O.N.E. produced their first collaboration under the record label O.N.E. 4 Da Money in 2004.


During the highly anticipated release of his single “CAP International” in late 2012, Mr. CAP conducted an exclusive interview with Jamsphere Magazine, after which he later released the hit single, “Live My Life” due to unexpected demand. “Live My Life”, was released only to test new music delivery software. The significant impact of this release created a buzz in the music industry and led to further editorial coverage.


Mr. CAP earned an Associate’s Degree in Computer Network Engineering and studied Computer Science at The University of Houston, leading to a brief career with several Fortune 500 companies. In 2010 Mr. CAP shifted his talents to the World Wide Web and founded the digital distribution company, CAP Distribution – streamlining the process for new artists to make their music available for sale across the world through popular online merchants including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, eMusic, and more.


Mr. CAP currently performs and appears as a guest speaker and youth mentor regularly throughout the Houston area and across the United States. He is still spotted from time to time contributing to the heart of South Park, TX



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