420 Fashion Week...
...is more than just a Fashion Show...It's the Beginning!



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  • Smokers Society Presents... 420 Fashion Week - The Main Event - April 18, 2019 in Portland.  Doors open at 5 pm; Early Bird Raffle + Sesh starts at 4:20 pm;  Click here for Tickets and Event information.  Interested in participating in 420 Fashion WeekUse this link to Contact us.  


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Looking to be a Vendor or Sponsor at 420 Fashion Week and/or one of our events?  Need Promo or Help Building Brand Visibility?  Click here to contact us and lets start building!  Please be sure to tell us more about your business or movement.  


*We are also looking for artists, models, greeters, hosts, guest speakers & more.



Why 420 Fashion Week? 420 Fashion Week will not be your traditional run-way fashion show type event! This low-key intimate affair will bring together artists, the stoner community, business professionals and of course fashion. From a Private Networking Dinner to a Fashion Launch Party to an After Party HotBox session, 420 Fashion Week will break the barriers when it comes to traditional fashion shows!


This sexy & unique event will bring a new light to the Legal Stoner brand, underground artists, upcoming models & official stoner gear! Local talent as well as from out of the area will be in attendance to help celebrate "Hemp Life" through fashion, music and culture!


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  • 420 Fashion Week is more than a Fashion Show, it's the Beginning!
    Smokers Society & 420 Fashion Week present...

    All Gas No Brakes (Talent Search) - February 16, 2019 at NWCC in Portland, Oregon.
    *Currently looking for Artists, Models, Guest Speakers, DJ's and other Talent to particpate in an upcoming event!

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