Love Evolution is the voice of Semaj & Mr. Lorrius. The name symbolizes the mission of this extraordinary duet. They are united in love, life, creating family and in their purpose to musically motivate the world to move beyond destructive revolution to peaceful evolution.

These songwriters focus their lyrics on love conquering hate. Semaj & Mr. Lorrius step out the box when it comes to genres. Their music is folk, hip-hop, soul, funk, pop and blues wrapped up in something new. They have boiled their music down to its most natural form: “Urban-Folk”.

Semaj & Mr. Lorrius are the voice of the common person that strives for a better life. The music offers a serious yet entertaining look at society and culture. When people embrace the message of Love Evolution Music, they are part of a powerful creative force, driven by harmony and intoxicating melodies.

These entrepreneurs embody the “One Love” soulful message of Bob Marley, the urban hip-hop bop of the Fugees, eccentric smooth sex appeal of Prince, the undeniable energy and emotion of James Brown, the acoustic drive of Richie Havens, the tactful sing-along lyrics of Michael Jackson, with the harmonizing mechanics of Simon & Garfunkle.

Semaj & Mr. Lorrius of Love Evolution Music are based in New Orleans & New York City



  • 01



    Xavier University's Presidents Scholarship Celebration

    Radisson Blue Aqua Hotel 

    06:30:00 PM


  • 06



    New Orleans French Quarter Festival

    Tropical Isle Mainstage

    02:00:00 PM

  • 09



    The Ace Hotel (New Orleans)

    French Quarter Festival After Party featuring Love Evolution and Nile Ashton #BLACKMOON debut #ListeningParty 

    11:00:00 PM


  • Love Evolution Headlining a major art exhibition at Oglethorpe University Museum

    entitled "French and Spanish Crossroads in the Caribbean and Africa."

    It is an honor and truly put our overall mission into perspective. Director of the Oglethorpe Museum, Elizabeth Peterson, curated a brilliant visual arts exhibition that featured a collection of paintings created by Haitian artists. From historical to surrealism and beyond, the walls spoke of a resilient history created by a chosen people with the will to sacrifice their lives to set the historical tone for freedom and equality.

    Our first New Orleans music project titled Black Moon is a succinct series of indigenous diaspora stories. Our musical storytelling relates to current events with chilling past time undertones. We held hands and said our opening blessing. By the time we got to our second song we were kindly requested to bring our energy down because the diaspora dance queens and rumbling tribal drums on our original song Mount Zion shook the walls and woke the resting spirit of the historic Oglethorpe Museum. We harnessed our musical energy and it resulted in everyone expressive energy turning up.

    Let’s face it, when the donors are partying, everyone’s partying!

  • The Shotgun Series is a unique home grown grass roots family centric performance space. First off, the show literally takes place inside the home of Allisyn, Jake, and Milli. This family has become such an awesome addition to our life experience in New Orleans. Their family/dining room is transformed into a charming theater with seating for about 20 people and standing room. The party starts with a meet and greet involving drinks and a simple spread of finger foods. Then the bell rings and the audience is asked to be seated in the performance space. During the show we found that everyone watching and performing is quite present and aware because of this close setting. It kinda sorta feels like a secret spiritual gathering with positive healing implications. As an artist your audience isn’t always this close to you. They are usually not close enough to hear you breath and make mistakes. The creative elements of the environment cultivate an honest, vulnerable, yet forgiving space that inspires one to undoubtedly be their best in each moment.

    We played two sets. In the first set we released our rendition of La Vie En Rose an old French song that was redone and made popular worldwide by Louis Armstrong. With the Caribbean undertones and hip hop additions we made to the the ballot the crowd was groovin, movin, and singin along. We were blessed to have our friend and engineer Mike Harvey sitting in on Violin. The opening solo that Mike took was a tactful unique take on the historic solo that Louis Armstrong is remembered for. The highlight of the second set was when we performed a medley we call Freedom. The kids magically migrated into the room during this medley and the crowd participation for this medley was at an all time high making it easy to feel great. That medley always reminds us of the modern side of the ongoing struggle and our evolvement as artistic agents of positive change.

    Its so hard to say goodbye at the end of the Shotgun Series, so we say, till next time see you soon.

  • Listening party for Love Evolution.  YUU ARE INVITED. Love Evolution will perform a few favorites off their new album BLACK MOON, mingle with guests/fans. Intimate Class A event.

  • French Quarter Festival celebrates its 34th Anniversary.French Quarter Festival is the largest, free music festival in the South. This year Love Evolution will perform the New Orleans Anthem Black and Gold Love. Love Evolution will be accompanied by Troy Sawyer and Jamal Baptiste. Perfoming on the Tropical isle Stage at 2pm Arpil 6, 2017

  • Xavier University's Presidents Scholarship Celebration
    Apr, 01 06:30 PM
    Radisson Blue Aqua Hotel

  • The Black Moon Project in final production stage. Release date TBD

  • Live Performance from Love Evolution in Celebration of the Indigenous Masking(Mardi Gras Indian) cultur in New Orleans. St Joseph Night 2017. #LvoeEvolution #PresereOurCulture #POC #FeatherFundraiser 

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