Mobil and Castrol oils are among the most popular in the world. Each of the brands has high temperature and viscosity characteristics and can be used even in difficult operating conditions. Which one should you choose? To answer the question, consider the properties of each of the brands. For further details, go here: castrol edge vs mobil 1


Castrol (Great Britain) is one of the leading lubricants manufacturers in the world. The main production is located in Germany. In the production of oils, the company uses only advanced technologies. Castrol works closely with many brands, including BMW, Skoda, Seat, Land Rover, Volvo, MAN and others. Castrol oils are suitable for a wide variety of engines and vehicles. The peculiarity of the oils of this brand is the best performance at an affordable price.

Properties of Castrol oils:

• lightweight cold engine start;
• low volatility;
• high antifriction and antioxidant properties;
• exclusion of foaming;
• fuel economy;
• minimum sulfur level;
• high washing performance;
• effective protection of the engine from mechanical shock.

A distinctive feature of Castrol oil is the unique Intelligent Molecules technology used in the Magnatec range . The interaction of oil molecules with the inner surfaces of the engine provides very reliable protection. This technology makes it possible to stabilize the viscosity characteristics throughout the entire life of the oil.


Exxon Mobil (USA) is a leader in the production of motor oils. Mobil 1 and Mobil Super oils are well known . The company's products are sold all over the world and are characterized by the highest quality and manufacturability. The company cooperates with brands such as Porsche, Dodge, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, etc. Mobile oils are highly demanded in leading sports competitions and can be used both at high and low temperatures.

Mobile oils properties:

1. Reliable protection at low temperatures. Due to the minimum of easily crystallizing paraffins, high fluidity remains at low temperatures.
2. High cleaning performance. The presence of special additives in the oil ensures highly effective removal of old sludge.
3. Fuel economy. The oil contains a unique formula that allows the engine to quickly develop maximum power, which saves fuel.
4. Efficient operation at high temperatures. Mobile oils have high thermal stability. Their use weakens oxidative processes, which has a positive effect on engine performance.
5. Increased engine durability. The oils reliably lubricate the moving parts of the engine, which significantly extends its service life.

A unique Mobil development is the Super Syn technology used in Mobil 1 synthetic oils . They contain special additives that provide reliable engine protection for a long time. Thus, the engine is protected both under normal and extreme operating conditions.

Which oil is best? Each brand has its own advantages. Mobil is slightly superior to the competition. It is characterized by a high viscosity index, provides more effective protection against wear and greater stability of the oil film. But Castrol oil is more environmentally friendly and less expensive.