Like the three brightest stars that fall in the consolation of the mythical hunter Orion, PG_13 was founded by three girls with six strings on the principles of pulse, anima and forte. Since then they have grown into a gender blended art collective that incorporates forbearing vocals, Evocative poetry, rhythmic lute instruments, meticulous percussive sounds, as well as consonance woodwind vibrational blows. With youthful rhythms accompanied by ancient grooves tied together by the harmonies of tomorrow, their sound is not jazz nor is it Rock n roll it is where those rivers meet balancing on a tight rope of Maskandi.

PG_13 is the old defining the new, transcending time and truth in the present through the spirits of the tellers of folklore and the keepers of wisdom.
TOGETHER they ASPIRE to tell tales of humanity that resonate deeply with the ethnicity of sounds from the cradle of mankind. They are a melting pot of History and experience looking to spark a new narrative. The renegades, rule breaker, radical yet robust expressionists, breaking boundaries of thought in aims to create a global echo that the masses can relate to.

Formed in 2015, PG_13 has performed at various Jozi unsigned events and concert SA venues (Soweto Threatre, The Dawn and Afrikan Freedom Station). Gracing stages like The 2018/19 Smoking Dragon New Year’s Eve festival in Northern Drakensburg seeing this year as their third consecutive performance there. Afropunk Battle of the bands Finalists, Joburg threatre. Fete de la musique, Good Luck Bar, Rumors Rock City, The SABC, Kitchener’s, Bassline and the French Alliance. The PE Opera House and Grahamstown Arts Festival in Eastern Cape. Rockwood threatre, Railways Cafe and The Old Fire Station in Pretoria.

After releasing their EP Hekaya with Club studios PG13 became known for their single Jack and Jill which is available on Sound Cloud ( and in physical copy. They are currently recording their first Album.
This eight piece ensemble from the East of Gauteng creates music that calls your soul to dance while addressing the socio economic issues Society is in constant battles with, through off beat time signatures and E-minor progressions.
PG_13 is a collection of multidisciplinary artistic works with its main focus being the culmination of poetry and music. They consider themselves in rotating communication between the spiritual and physical realm through song and dance and highly acknowledge the importance of parental guidance...




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