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  Soul Howe, Singer/Songwriter out of Hammonds Plains/Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada Born December 21st 1976 (The Winter Solstice) Jason Ensley Howe.
Soul has served for us as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. He served 8 years of his life as a Cook in the Canadian Navy. Sept 2001-Oct 2009 (Op Apollo) Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea 2002 and (Op Unison) Gulf of Mexico 2005.
  Soon after a life changing/career changing decision to release from the forces,(2009) Soul Howe had began to do some serious soul searching; using music as a paradigm for personal growth.
  Soul Howe has always been an artist, winning numerous sketching competitions in and around his region as a youth; including even meeting one Miss. Rosa Parks in the process of receiving an acclaim.
  Soul Howe's musical career basically began, when he felt his writings longed for an accompaniment. Soul then began to take the art of expression very seriously; While doing so he had written a poem in an effort to cope, and put into perspective life/death,separation,displacement. During such time "Onward" (2011) was written as a tribute spiritual. Soul used "Onward" to commend the accomplishments of his community, community members and his very own family alike. "The feedback and love I began to feel allowed me comfort in vulnerabilty; and their love is my courage." ~Soul
  In 2011 Soul Howe entered a local Singer/Songwriter competition held on Kijiji, hosted by one Devon Parsons of Lucasville,Nova Scotia. Soul won easily this competition by a 55% margin and was then awarded professional video services for doing so!
"Becoming a student of music has allowed me further growth as a person!" ~Soul Howe
  Less than 13 months after Soul released "Onward", "Album Soulcoustic (902)" 2012, was released via Soundcloud. Soul Howe immediately nestled under the mentoring wing of one James (Homegrown DA Producer) Mcquaid @ Musicwerkz.
  The Howe Family is a very musically blessed family; through out Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  In early 2013 and Soul Howe was right back at it with "So Amazing" and "To The Stars"; a Blowflyy track feat. Soul Howe. Then came "Always n' All Ways"and "Between The Lines","Who U really R" soon followed as "Album Reflections" was born. Outside of his musical career, Soul Howe can also be seen in the T.V. show "Haven" Season 2 episode 12 and also "Pure" season 2 episode 1; yet to air in 2019! Mr. Soul Howe has been #1 in the genre of Soul R&B according to in the (902) area for the majority of the part 5 years! (Since the release of "So Amazing" May 2013). As of May 2014 Soul Howe will have landed an electronic global distribution contract with UNIR1 Radio for his 2014 album "Reflections". Soul Howe is also an 8 time award winner via A&R Records via The, ranging from Gold,Silver and Bronze!

  Here now in 2018, Soul Howe Music is set to release "Album Unknown". In association with HeardOnAir, Sounds Like Dat Entertainment, 902 Non-Stop Records,David Macphee,DizzlaD,Pink Polo Productions, Shuka4Beats,DannyEbBeats,Jelan Abrams. This album also features Sean"Blind Hand" Blackburn,Yvonne "Muzzy" Marshall,Cher Nicks. "Album Unknown" was recorded in Porters Lake N.S.




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