Find Someone’s IP Address on Omegle by JavaScript

Javascript is a programing language that is used by almost all websites and allows webpages to include graphics, maps, videos, and other multimedia. There are Javascript-based websites that allow you to obtain an IP address, like Start your Chrome browser's development tool.

This tool gives you access to the console, and it also lets you run JavaScript. In the Chrome menu, select More tools and click Developer tools.

The next thing to do is go to the Chrome menu. On the Chrome menu, click on the three dots. Choose More tools, then the Web developer. From there, click on the Console tab, then Omegle, and open the window for you.

Get the console. Open Chrome's Developer Tools. Type the word "console." It opens a small window called the console. Now type the following: window.location.href. Type the following: document.domain. After that, the IP address and location of the Omegle chat room are generated.

If you want to know who’s talking to you, this is a fast and accurate way to get someone’s IP address from Omegle.




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