TOP 5 professional hair dryers

Home hair care at a salon level, shiny and lively curls - all this is the concern of the hairdryer. This collection contains the TOP 5 most popular professional hair dryers on the DNS network for the first quarter of 2019. By the way, if you haven't read our material , how does a professional hairdryer differ from everyone else - it's time! To know more, check out: Best Lightweight Hair Dryers

5th place

The top five professional hair dryers are opened by the Swiss brand Valera. The bright red, stylish model not only looks promising, but also captivates with its technical characteristics. The AC motor is based on the AC motor, which, according to manufacturers, is designed for 2000 hours of operation. In practical terms, if you style your hair for 30 minutes every day, your hair dryer should last almost 11 years. Sounds good!

4th place

Small and lightweight but surprisingly strong Parlux hairdryer. The baby weighing 430 grams hides a powerful patented AC motor K-Advance. The service life is even higher than that of the previous hair dryer, as well as the air flow rate - 83 m³ / h. Not without ionization in the device - the Ionic & Ceramic technology protects the hair from drying out, preserving natural moisture in the hair structure and closing its scales. In addition, ionization removes static electricity. As a result, the hair is not injured from constant drying with a hairdryer and, on the contrary, looks alive and shiny.

3rd place

The third place was also "captured" by the Parlux brand. The model is similar in filling to the previous one, but the power is slightly less - 2000 W instead of 2200, the same speeds and temperature conditions. The AC motor is responsible for improved airflow efficiency and durability. The ionization system, as in the previous model, is also present, protecting the hair from the negative effects of dry air.

It should be noted that Parlux has a special design of concentrator nozzles. They are literally screwed onto the body and hold as tightly as possible. Users note that such a system is somewhat tight, and it is not always convenient to turn the nozzle during operation, but the concentrator will definitely not slide off the hair dryer and will not need to be caught all over the floor.


2nd place

The second place belongs to the brand, which has become almost a legend in the world of salon hair care. The BaByliss Pro Excess is simply phenomenal 2600 watts of power with a tremendous air speed of about 160 km / h. This hair dryer has a completely thin concentrator that further increases the power of the air. In general, drying and styling your hair with this hairdryer is incredibly quick and easy.

1 place

The leader of the collection is the Swiss from Solis. With him, everyone can get styling like in a beauty salon. Optimum power of 2300 W and reliable AC motor provide excellent air speed and strength. With this hairdryer, even thick and long hair can be dried and styled in just a matter of minutes. Three temperature settings, including cold air supply, and two speeds - medium and high. The concentrator heads are quite thin, providing precise and precise styling of individual curls. The ergonomics of the hair dryer also deserve special attention - the design is quite balanced in the hand, and the manufacturer assures that there is no body roll back or to the sides during operation.

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