Anyone will tell you that you’re supposed to see billboards, not hear them, but Robert Underwood, otherwise known as “G-Child: A Product of Grace,” will say otherwise.

G- Child is a Christian rapper whose story is unlike most Christian musicians. He wasn’t raised in church and was living what he calls the “street life.”

G-Child said he was involved in gangs and drugs as a teenager until the day that he heard a voice in his head saying, “If they listen to you for the bad, what makes you think they won’t listen to you for the good?”

G-Child said that he knew immediately that God was calling him to ministry and left his old life behind.

However, it took some time for him to find his ministry: music. This is where the billboard idea comes in.

“The music becomes a billboard,” said G-Child, adding he wants to use his music to draw people in so that they can hear the Gospel.

Top-shelf hip-hop production, positive, personal and inspirational lyrics along with catchy hooks all combine to create the “Gchild” sound.

Gchild’s sound is carefully crafted to seamlessly merge into the lane of today’s popular urban formats. However, the special characteristic about Gchild is that his music may cleverly sound sonically similar to your favorite popular hip-hop artists, but Gchild has a spiritual and inspirational message to share with the world.



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