I have two passions in my life: music and making puzzles. That is why my band's name is one and not another. My record is a puzzle with 10000 pieces! Due to the current situation and the fact that we have to sit at home, there is more time to create music. The worst thing is that the weather in our country is beautiful now and we have to sit at home. But you probably have the same problem too, so I won't talk about it anymore! Listen to as much positive music as you can, it improves the mood and encourages you to work! My favorite puzzle is the game of thrones fire and ice puzzle. It's a nice game of thrones, it's very relaxing. They should especially appeal to all fans of books and Game of Thrones series. I only watched some of the episodes, but I have to say that it was fun.

My favourite band: 

Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden.







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