How to dye honey-colored hair: a versatile and fashionable shade

You can achieve this tone in your hair in a chemical or natural way. There are several techniques and dyes to achieve the color of this season.

It is fashionable. It is one of the most chosen shades because it is delicate and bright and because it conceals gray hair very well. If you are wanting to dye your hair honey-colored, you can attend some tips on how to lighten your hair so that it looks natural and avoid damages that could undermine your desire to renew yourself. Step by step, how to dye yourself to get the coolest tone of the season .

For starters, remember that thinning hair should never be a quick process. It requires patience and a lot of technique. You have to bleach your hair, dye it, bleach it again and so on, with plenty of conditioner and toner in between, before you achieve the color you are looking for. It takes time, but the result is worth the effort.

I have dark brown hair and I want to clear it up

Changing your tone, trying new styles and renewing the look is very comforting, but it is important to consider some tips to choose what best suits your face and skin type.

The color hair changes a lot face. It can rejuvenate or age; it can provide light or turn off a face; can generate freshness or harden. So let's go step by step.

Keep in mind that the honey color for hair especially favors light skin . But, if you have a slightly darker skin and you dare to try, the combination can be shocking and you will cause a sensation.

This shade is also perfect to wear in summer, as it enhances the tan. It is also very flattering on medium tone and medium tan skin.

Tips for before dyeing

While there is increasing freedom in choosing hair shades, not all look good on all faces, ages, and skin types.

• If you have clear eyes, there is nothing better than the honey color, since it illuminates and brings sweetness to the face.

• If your face is thin, you can make a few wicks on the sides of your face, while at the top of the head you should try to minimize them.

• If your face is rounded, you should apply two darker shades to the sides to give the sensation of a fine face.

• If your nose is large with respect to your face, a lighter bangs will guide your gaze upward.

• If you are considering a cut in addition to a new color, first make the cut and then dye it.

• If you are thinking of dyeing your hair the color honey and you have it dark, it is best to bleach it first so that the honey tone is set well. Kindly visit this link for useful reference: Best black hair dye

Dyes to lighten dark hair

If you are not sure which shade to choose, you can start by dyeing some highlights as a test. Don't be afraid: highlights are still one of the trends most used by women. Then, if you like, you can apply it to all the hair. If not, it is best to repeat the process as many times as necessary.

When choosing our tincture it is essential to ensure that it is a good quality product. It is preferable to invest a little more than bumping into an unwanted result.