Hailing from Mount Vernon NY, TH3 SLK has garnered love around the world for his ability to put his pain and love of women into his music and make a hit song.  He created DonLyfe International Records as a way to help push his and his artists music into the masses of the music industry. His relentless work ethic has put him in discussions as the next big thing in hip hop. Not one to limit his artisitic ability, TH3 SLK is the owner of DonLyfe International Records along with owning his own clothing and shoe brands with DonLinen Fabrics. TH3 SLK is also an avid investor and owns stake in the LA Superstars Basketball Team. After years of trying to navigate the loop holes of the music business, TH3 SLK has been able to create his own lane in the industry and leave behind a road map for other artists to be inspired to do the same.





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