The Dogs are a Rock n Roll group from Claremont California. Since 1997, these four seasoned and accomplished musicians have been working on a better alternative to "Classic Rock". The careful selection and execution of deep cut vinyl tracks will take you back to where you were when these gems were released. No costumes or gimmicks, just great tunes served up by a tight musical unit who truly love what they do, and give the proper respect and reverence these musical masterpieces deserve.  

     After 24 years of steady gigs, The Dogs are clearly running on all cylinders and have the same enthusiasm and love for this music as the day they started. With over 140 songs in the current library, The Dogs can easily play 4 gigs without repeating a song. The list of artists runs from Steely Dan, The Grateful Dead, The Cure,Cake, Beatles and Stones, to Zappa and Jethro Tull to name a few. This is a labor of love, and there is absolutely nothing they would rather do.

The Dogs 

Steve Sturgis, Drums and Vocals

Matt Snyder, Keys and Vocals

Dave Catron, Bass and Vocals

Frank Hanson, Guitars and Vocals




  • Mar 27 Sat

    07:00 PM

    The Canyon Montclair

    Carpool Jam! 5060 E Montclair Plaza Montclair 91764

  • Apr 24 Sat

    06:00 PM

    The Cooper Museum Farmers Market

    217 E A st  Upland CA 91786  

  • It was 24 years ago that The Dogs started this amazing journey. We have endured great losses and heartbreaks as a family, but also celebrated great triumphs and unimaginable highs, as our skills both individually and as a group soared. We watched our kids grow up, parents and spouses pass away, careers change, side players come and go, and ruined our bodies moving equipment, AND NOW WATCHED AN ENTIRE YEARS WORTH OF BOOKINGS EVAPORATE!

    We've all played in many bands along the way, but we never thought we would all be together after so many years, in the original lineup, and still thrilled to play these great songs! Thank you for understanding what we do,and being part of The Dog family! We continue to learn new stuff, and look forward to putting it out there in 2021.

    Steve,Matt,Dave, and Frank

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