The starting point of reggae style music in Ukrainian was the formation of the band The VYO back in 1991. The core team of the band are: guitarist Sergey Pidkaura and singer Miroslav Kuvaldin (both songwritters). Within 10 years of existence of the band musicians occasionally diverged, converged, and were joined by other participants. In 1995, The VYO became the winner of the biggest Ukrainian music festival “Red rue” with a rude and "politicly incorrect" song “Ganja.” The peak popularity of their music came at the time of cooperation with artistic agency “Theretory A” and rotation of clips on the nation wide music TV channels. Contemplating colorful appearance of Miroslav (with his Nigerian roots), made the audience disbelive that the guy was born in the Eastern Ukraine and “speaks so well in our language”.... .


Their first hit Zori ( Stars) became a manifest of Ukrainian rastafari movement. Band members always had strong citizen positions and always support the Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom and independence The priority in music styles of The VYO it’s reggae and ska, which sometime mixed with the folk music. In May 2014 The VYO presented they third CD album Map. Each song from this album dedicates to the one of the other cities of Ukraine. The band had successful promo tour and appeared at the major music festivals in Ukraine and countries abroad such as Poland, Czech Republic and Canada. The VYO's live performances is driven with the power. They can realy know how to make the audience without any age barrier to hit the dancfloor..... even those who do not understand the Ukrainian language.


Today the band The VYO is: Miroslav Kuvaldin – singing, songwriter Sergei Pidkaura – guitar, songwriter Ilya Klimov – keyboards, composer Sergei Chehodayev – bass Olexander Unytskiy – sax, composer Denis Gritsenko - trumpet Vasyl Solomyaniy – drums




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