William ‘X-WAM’ McMillian is the epitome of a modern day entertainer: Multi-talented, Unique and Community-centric. Born and raised in Montreal, QC, Canada, he has cultivated his talents around the city for more than 2 decades, performing as a host/MC, vocal artist, DJ, Step-dancer and of course the talent for which is most renown: BEATBOX’ing.

As a solo artist he has blazed a path from stage to stage, opening for artists such as K-OS, Kardinal Offishall, and Slum Village. Based in Montreal, he has repeatedly graced the stages of Montreal music industry archetypes such as Le Festival des Art Urbains, Les Francofolies Festival, The Under Pressure International Graffiti Convention and the notable Montreal International Jazz Festival. Still, as any nomadic artist he has also performed in many other cities including Halifax, Quebec, Sherbrooke, Toronto, Victoria, Vancouver and New York City. His talent has also made several television appearances staring as a competitor on POPSTARS ‘The One’, and continuing on with various performances on Musique Plus (Rap Cité and Bouge de là) and most recently a McDonalds’s McBistro commercial (2012). Over the years, to the enrichment of his musical vocabulary, he has collaborated with many artists from around the world among which his current residency with the well renowned live organic Improv music group, Kalmunity Vibe Collective can be highlighted.

In attempt to classify X-WAM, it has been said that he has a drop of a new age Bobby McFerrin in his flair but after experiencing him live you’ll understand that his talent and imagination are truly unparalleled. Just one show and he’ll have you converted to a dedicated fan showing your loyalty with a cross-armed X in the air.


List of shows:

2017 - July 8th @Quai des Brumes for END OF THE WEEK (MONK.E) - July 7th @Jazz Fest. Montreal x2 shows (Maduza: On My Way) - June 24th Saint-Jean Fest. On Saint Denis (MONK.E) - April 29th @Duffy’s Jamming with Steve Rowe - April 15th @Theatre Plaza MC JUNE Album Launch VERITES - April 8th CHAOS UNLEACHED - March 3rd @ Le Beury-Bar (Maduza: Empire Fall) - JAN-FEB. @Petit Cafe Campus Multipule mini shows with KALMUNITY - JAN 14TH @Realto Theater for The Couscous Comedy Show 2016 - Dec. 16th @Petit Cafe Campus with KALMUNITY - DEC 5th @Le Beury-Bar Jamming with Urban Science - Nov. 19th @Petit Cafe Campus with KALMUNITY - Nov. 14th @Phi Centre for DAYBREAKER’s - Sept. 15th @Le Beury-Bar opening act for #LECYPHER Jam Session - Aug, 30th @Petit Cafe Campus with KALMUNITY - Aug. 26-27 in OTTAWA for House of Paint – Urban Art Fest show & workshop with Sarh MK - Aug. 17th @Le Beury-Bar Jamming with Urban Science - Aug. 15th @FouFounes Electriques for Under Pressure XXI (opening for closesing act Urban Science) - Aug. 14th for Under Pressure XXI (multipule outdoors shows) - July 1st & 2nd @Montreal Jazz Fest. (Savoy du Metropoils) with KALMUNITY - Multipule mini shows with KALMUNITY @Petit Cafe Campus Show With Fredy varre Show with Wayne Tennant 2015 - Sept. 29th @Petit Cafe Campus shows with KALMUNITY - @Montreal Jazz Fest. With PONTO - June @Francofolies with PONTO - FEB. 23rd Lumiere Fest. Stage preformance with Ponto / Mystika Circus 2014 Francofolies with KOF & Drey Sax 2013 Francofolies with MC June - Mar. 30th @ Club Lambi for 30 Years of HIP HOP - Mar. 30th 10 @ YEAR ANI. KALMUNITY - March 2nd @ Le Piano Rouge (Jamming with Alan Prater) 2012 - July 5th, 6th & 7th @Montreal Jazz Fest. (Savoy du Metropoils) with KALMUNITY - 2007 - June ?? @Francofolies with Sir Pathetik et Mauvaize Frekentation (J’rap pour toi) -





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