I was born in Huntsville. I use to dig in my father's drawers looking for music and would pop in whatever I could find. I ended up listening to Bruce Springsteen, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Led Zeppelin, Prince. Just whatever I could find in his collection. So, my interest in music began at a young age compared to most.

I would literally go to bed listening to music with headphones on when I was that age. Music was in my veins and has been ever since. As I got older, around the age of 11 bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Beck, Radiohead & many others began blossoming. I wasn't a fan of hair metal, so these bands offered something different and it was something I liked. Up till this point I had indulged in Classic Rock. Bands like the Doors, CCR, Beatles, Johnny Cash, and a little bit of punk rock. We had a punk rock scene in D.C. Henry Rollins was from our city and Bad Brains as well. I listened to other punk bands like Dead Kennedy's and GG Allin.

Around 14 years old I got my first guitar. It was a acoustic guitar my father got me for either my birthday or Christmas. I think it was my birthday though. I never took lessons, I just bought a big poster with guitar chords and would sit there everyday learning them. I use to have to walk everywhere and remember coming up with songs in my head, but never had the means to record them and they would just fade away within a day.

By the time I was 18 yrs old I landed myself in jail for the first of many times to come. Playing guitar had long been something I was doing, but drinking and partying was my new favorite thing. I never really got into any big trouble, but I've had my fair share of time in the jails.

About 5 years ago I decided to clean up my act and start writing music. I bought some software, new equipment and began recording. I never thought it would get me anywhere, I was just doing it for fun really. Then people began to respond to what I would write. People really liked my music and it inspired me to continue and to be better. So, I'm still on that road. Trying to be a better artist than I was yesterday and I will continue down this road for as long as it takes me.



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