We provide uniquely tailored video content

Music video promotion


  • You upload the content you want to include (mp3, logo, CD cover art and raw concert and/or interview video footage)
  • Our professional actors create a unique presentation of your band, including interviews, exclusively scripted and personalized content to bring out the best features of your act. We strongly believe the video content is the key element in artist promotion and sales.
  • Within 48 hours you have a Promotional Video – like the guys on the Major Labels
  • Promote new release or create a video of your EPK for talent buyers and booking agents

How it works?

img video promo

Perception is everything. In our biz it makes all the difference in the world. With the support of our all-star staff, we create a high-quality custom Promotional Video, ready for e-Marketing, social network integration, and for any other promotional needs. Our experience shows that a viral video is a crucial element, that`s why we strive to focus on presenting your act in the best light possible, in order to attract generate leads, publicity, and the ever-so-fashionable "buzz and hype" to you, which then translates into sales and revenue.