F.A.Q. About Artist Ecard

What is Artist Ecard.com?

ArtistECard.com is a multi-application platform, designed for entertainment professionals and record labels/management companies to promote talent and their related work. With ArtistEcard, you can build your own website and create a digital press release [EPK], create mobile applications for an iPhone and an Android, as well as create a Facebook application. Best of all, you only need to enter information once--when you create a profile. Once the profile is ready, your information is synched with the rest of the ArtistEcard applications. ArtistEcard allows you to customize backgrounds for free, and offers an easy-to-use content control panel that lets you make changes anytime. Fast, easy, affordable; no programming skills or designers required.

Who uses Artist Ecard?

Record labels and entertainment professionals such as artists, musicians, bands, actors, photographers, models, DJs, and other creative talent.

What types of accounts do you offer on Artist Ecard?

There are two accounts on ArtistEcard: the Artist Account and the Record Label Account.

What is an Artist Account?

The Artist Account is designed for one entertainment professional, such as a musician or a band. An Artist Account offers a full line of associated products.

What is Record Label Account?

The Record Label Account is designed to manage multiple artists from one account/one login. It offers the same features as an Artist Account,

What is subdomain?

A subdomain is a name that you choose that will be displayed after artistecard.com/ . For example: artistecard.com/yournamehere. You can choose any word and can change it later.

How do I use Artist Ecard as my website?

You can purchase a custom domain name within your admin area on ArtistEcard. Just go to "Configures" section under the Dashboard and choose "Domains". Once a domain is chosen your Press Kit URL will be updated in a few hours.

If you have a domain name, from a domain name provider such as GoDaddy.com, you can use it to redirect your ArtistEcard profile to the new domain name. So visitors will not see the affiliation with ArtistEcard. Your domain name will only be visible in the browser's address bar. To use this option, you need to login to your domain name provider's administrative panel. While every administrative panel may be different, typically, you would perform the following steps to use your domain name: To use custom domain for you EPK, you should point A record of your domain to IP address This can be done inside the control panel of your domain name provider.Once you've followed this instruction, contact us via email and we will finish forwarding process. Note: it could take a couple of hours for the domain forward to take effect.

Does Artist Ecard support HTML 5?

Yes, we support HTML 5, so profiles can be opened on any device (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

Price & Subscription Related

Do you offer a free trial?

ArtistEcard Service is available to you on a free basis. Once you are registered your account is on Free package. At any time you can upgrade to PRO or VIP. If you do not wish to continue with your free account, you can login to your ArtistEcard admin area and deactivate your account. We do not delete any accounts, so should you decide to come back to utilize the tools ArtistEcard provides, you may do so by reactivating your account at anytime.

How much do services at Artist Ecard cost?

Please see our pricing page.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer PayPal and Credit card subscriptions

Are subscription payments renewed automatically?

Yes, subscription payments are renewed automatically, based on a billing cycle that you choose. Renewals are deactivated upon cancellation.

What billing cycles do you offer?

You can choose 1 month or 1 year.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You will not be charged anymore. Your Artist Ecard profile will expire and will go offline. After you deactivate your account, you can come back anytime and reactivate your profile within three years after cancelation.

How do I cancel my subscription?

It depends on what payment option you are using. If you are using PayPal, please login to your PayPal account, find your Artist Ecard subscription there and cancel. If you are using credit card payments, please login to your Artist Ecard admin area, click on Edit - "Cancel".

Are there any hidden fees or contracts?

No, we do not have any hidden fees or contracts. You sign up for whatever billing cycle you want and cancel anytime.

Creating an Artist Ecard Profile

How do I add my Bio?

Click on the Bio tab and paste your bio text into the box. After you paste the bio, upload a bio picture. To upload a bio picture, click on Browse, pick a picture that you like (Recommended Photo Size: 414 x 377) and hit the Update button. You will be redirected to a page that will allow you to crop your picture .To crop, just drag the square to match how you want your image cropped and click Crop.

How do I add News?

Go to the News tab, add Title, Date, Text and click Add News.

How do I add Shows?

Click on the Shows tab located on the left side of the page, Set Up event Date and Time, type Venue Name and Location. You can also add a link to sell tickets if you have one. Finally, click Add Show to complete the process.

How do I upload pictures?

To upload photos, click on the Photo tab on the left side of the page. Click on Browse and choose your picture from your computer. Finally, click on Add Photo to complete the process.

How do I upload Music?

Go to Music tab, add Artist Name, Track Name, Duration of the Song, Buy Link (you can add the link to any store where you are selling music, ex: iTunes, Amazon... the Buy link will appear in your music player), click on Choose File, pick the mp3 file from your computer and click Save.

How do I change skins in Music player?

Go to the Music tab, click on Choose MP3 Player Skin, choose the design, and click Accept.

How do I change the order of my album's tracks?

Go to the music section in your admin area. Next to each uploaded song there is either an up or down arrow. Clicking either one will change the song order.

How do I edit or delete a track?

If you're on the track's page, just click the Edit or Delete button.

How do I sell music on Artist Ecard?

You can add the Buy link to your music player on all the Artist Ecard platforms: the website, EPK, Facebook app and mobile app. However, we do not sell music directly--we just redirect buyers to iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc.

How do I upload a Video?

Go to the Video tab, add Title, and a short Description. We support videos from Youtube or Vimeo only. You do not have to upload videos, just copy the entire YouTube link from the address bar, paste it into the field called Full YouTube or Vimeo Video Link and you’re done!

Example of YouTube Video Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=qvbtHqNNclM
Example of Vimeo Video Link: http://vimeo.com/31835176

How do I add contact information?

Go to the Contact & Links tab and add your contact information like an email address (this email address will be used for the contact form, and all email from this form will be redirected to the email address that you specify)

How do I add extra menu links?

Go to Contact & Links tab. At the bottom you can add up to 3 additional links that will be displayed on your pages' header. Give your link a name, paste URL, and click Save. An extra menu link could be a link to a blog, a shop, or an album download link.

Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

How do I add a logo?

Go to EPK Builder tab. You have two options here: you can upload an existing logo or use our Logo Generator to generate a new one. To upload: click on Choose File and pick a file from your computer and save. NOTE: The format of the logo must be in ‘PNG’ format only with a transparent background, and a size of 300 X 38. To generate your logo: Click on Generate Your Logo, input a name that you want to use, pick a background color, font color, font size, font style and click Generate Logo. You will be redirected to a page with available logos: chose one that you like and you’ve just created yourself a logo. If you don't have a clue, please send us an email (support@artistecard.com) and we will convert your logo.

How do I add custom backgrounds?

Go to EPK Builder tab, background images section, choose files from your computer and upload. You may upload up to 3 custom made backgrounds. File Dimensions: 1280 x 960. Format: JPG and GIF only (RGB color). Also you can use a background rotation option--simply drag an arrow on the timeline to choose intervals and click Save.

How do I add background music?

You can add a music file that will automatically play in the background when somebody visits your page. To use this option click on EPK Builder tab. Go to Background Music section. Then click on Choose File, upload the file, click on Activate Background Music and save.

How do I change a template?

Go to EPK Builder tab. On the left side there are 10 different Templates. Click on Choose Template, pick one, click Accept" and "Save all Changes"

What is Title and Keywords?

Title and Keywords are used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is important as it helps improve the visibility of your website or EPK in a search engine like Google, and increases traffic to your web page. To use this option go to the SEO Optimization tab and list the words found on your website, separated by a comma. Consider including header page headers and song titles.

Website Builder

What is an HTML 5 Builder?

HTML5 technology allows constructing and managing your Website without prior programming knowledge, completely taking control of the structure and content of the site.

How do I use HTML 5 Builder?

To use this option, go to the “EPK&WEB” section. On the left, press HTML5 Builder arrow. Simply click anywhere on menu and you will see pop up window with all available editing tools. Everything in HTML5 builder is pretty self-explanatory, click on the objects that you want to edit, customize and save. After you complete the editing process, click on Icon to publish.

Mobile Apps

How do Mobile Apps work?

We offer an easy way to build mobile apps without programming knowledge. After your ArtistEcard profile is done, with a couple of clicks you'll be able to build an iPhone and an Android app. You don't need to submit information like Bio, Music, Video as it will be automatically pulled from your profile. Once your apps are active, you can update the content anytime and it will instantly be updated on all the installed apps.

How do I build mobile apps?

Log in to your ArtistEcard admin area. Go to Mobile Builder tab.
Start from App Name -- this name will be used on iTunes and on mobile devices.
Next enter an App description (for example, iTunes will use this name to describe app)
Next enter keywords (iTunes will use the keywords to tag your app)
Finally upload your logo, icon and loading page.
Once your app is submitted it could take up to 4 weeks for the app to be activated in iTunes (iTunes approval period)

How much do mobile apps cost?

Please see the pricing page

Do you charge a set up fee for mobile apps?

No, we don't.

Facebook Page

What is an Artist Page?

It is an Artist Page for Facebook. This App automatically pulls information from your ArtistEcard profile and displays it on your Facebook. Very simple to use and customizable.

How do I get an Artist Page?

In order to set up the Application, you need to create you Facebook Band Profile. Then, set up your ArtistEcard Page, add your bio, photos, music, video, click on “START” and choose your Template. Finally, click on “Connect” button, login to Facebook, click “Add to Page” and you are done!

Can I use a Facebook App without other services?

Yes, you can use only a Facebook App. It’s completely free.

Fan Builder

Fan Builder allows creating an email newsletter with a few clicks of your mouse and send your News to multiple recipients at one time.

In order to create the message add Title, Text, Image and Links. Press Next, in a new window enter Email Subject. There are 3 options: send email to all subscribers, enter email address or you can choose from already submitted Contacts or Groups. After filling all fields, press “Save”
To add contacts, please, press “Add Contacts” button, choose “Add New” and type an email address and a name referring to this email.

To add new group of fans press “Add Group” button, then choose “Add New” in the upper left corner, in pop-up window enter the name of a group, press “Save”. Opposite to Group Name choose Emails and in a new window press “Add New”, then type email addresses and press “Save”. Also, you can upload CSV Contact File.
Fans section includes the list of Fans subscribed to your newsletter on EPK, Facebook App or Mobile App.

Also, Email Builder section contains detailed Statistics of sent emails. To see the results, please, press “Stats” Tab.

Video Builder

Video builder allows creating Promo Video of your EPK for talent buyers and booking agents.

To take advantage of this option you need to go to “Video Promo” section in your admin area. Firstly, you need to choose one of the six Video Templates. Then, add description which you want to be included in your clip. Choose video duration and upload photos from your computer. After pressing “Next”, review the information you entered one more time and press “Check out”. In the following window enter your billing information; click “Next” and “Check out”. In 48 hours after payment your Promo Video will be ready!

Social Connect

Social Post allows publishing your tweets on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media portals at the same time.

To start new Social Network Campaign, please, enter Campaign Name and Message. Then, you should add Social Networks by choosing icons. Please, choose Social Network icon in check out box and press “Send”. In pop-up window type confirmation code and press “Send”.

What is the Affiliate Program ?

ArtistEcard Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to receive regular profits involving new users. Get up to 50% from all subscriptions made by your referrals.

To become our Partner you just need to follow this link to register (It is Free) https://user.artistecard.com/affiliate_partner/register

Once you are registered you will receive a letter containing more details about Affiliate Program terms of use at your email address.

For Further Help

Do you offer customer service support?

We offer 24/7 customer service support free of charge. Just send us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

How do I get design help?

We offer free design help for subscribed users. Please contact us here and we'll help you.

How do I contact technical support?

Before contacting technical support, please visit the Common Issues page to find an answer.

I forgot my username…

Your username is your email address that you used during registration. Email address is case sensitive and can be retrieved only by contacting ArtistEcard Support.

I forgot my password…

From the login page, follow the link that says "Forgot my password."