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  • 74% of music fans and 67% of labels agree that more fans will buy directly from the artists
  • Seamlessly integrate a secure e-Commerce store with the ArtistEcard Store Builder – sell both physical and digital stuff
  • Sell direct (–) the typical distribution fees for the highest possible profit margin
  • We accept all major credit cards on your behalf
  • We manage the swipe, pick, pack & ship (anywhere in the world, any denomination)
  • We manage the warehousing and shipping of your products
  • We provide you with quarterly accounting statements and a check

How it works?

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Connecting with fans gives them a reason to buy from your very own secure, e-Commerce store. Sell digital files (WAVE, AIFF, Flac + mp3s) and physical goods (CDs, LPs, T-s, PDFs, sheet music - any merch you have). You set the price, upload: the music, artwork files, jpg’s and product descriptions of anything you’d like to sell through the control panel store gateway. We provide a secure shopping cart that is Level 1 compliant using 128-bit SSL encryption.

On your behalf, we ship globally six days a week from our warehouse and provide your customers with a variety of shipping options.