Hailing from Inglewood, CA Tia P. is a driven, passionate and charismatic talented artist, producer, musician and songwriter whose lyrical prowess is unmatched. Influenced by the likes of Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams and Lauryn Hill, Tia P.’s soul embodies the essence of Erykah Badu, the funk of D'Angelo, the storytelling of Bahamadia and the brashness of Jean Grae.

Now, imagine all of this wrapped up today in a 24 year old Howard University Graduate who has been making music and writing lyrics since the age of 6. Unafraid. Honest. Unique. Next. You don't have to imagine and more, Tia P. is here.

Rapper/Singer/Song writer/Drummer/Producer/Actress Tia P. is an extraordinary artist. Tia P. has taken on the challenge to be the Voice of the New Generation. She possesses a huge presence and commands immediate attention when performing. She has opened for KRS 1, Bootsy Collins, DJ Quik, Kelly Roland's female group June's Diary and a host of other well-known acts. In fact, in 2010 it was KRS 1 who officially welcomed her into the world of Hip Hop. Her goal is to defy the odds of expectation and not be limited to the boundaries of a particular genre. She definitely has the content to fulfill the aforementioned: to date, she has written over 1,600+ songs.

In addition to the above, she can be seen in a several national commercials; Sprite feat. LeBron James, Verizon iPhone 6 feat. A-Trak, Pepsi feat Pop sensation Tori Kelly, Kia Rio and Amazon Echo-Alexa

On February 1, 2018 in an impressive style, Tia P. delivered, yet again, with the release of her new single “Revolution” from her long overdue, but highly anticipated EP "Peek-A-Boo". With clarity and resolve, the message is clear, "Revolution" is for the NOW, where matters such as race inequality, police brutality, sexual abuse against women and children are at a significantly troubling high. Without lament, this Anthem of the (now) majority voice of mankind is filled with syncopated cadences that draw you in to lyrically modulating truths. Entertaining and dynamic Revolution is reminiscent of the music resonating during social movements of the 1960’s, with its evocative lyrics tackling specifics like human and civil rights, race, DACA and civil liberties of others.

Tia P is a trailblazer, making history as a multidimensional artist using her voice to entertain with a purpose, asking critical questions and pursuing real answers. A true artist and creator whose motivating influences begin with fundamental truth and unambiguous objectives, Tia P. is a powerful voice to be heard. It’s time to change the game and Tia P. is no doubt a forerunner for her generation and the next, advocating for the most important audience of all…humanity.


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    The Study - Tia P. will be debuting 3 songs from her upcoming EP Peek-A-Boo

    The Juice Joint 6356 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA Cost: $10

    10:00:00 PM

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    Tia P. will be a panelist at the Los Angeles Black College Expo speaking on Why You Should Attend an HBCU

    Los Angeles Convention Center Room 306AB 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

    10:00:00 AM

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    Cascade Studio

    Catching Vibes - An All-Star Experience for youth 6611 Santa Monica Blvd Hollywood, CA 90038

    01:00:00 PM


  • Tia P. drops new video for her smash Christmas single "Christmas in Cali"
    Tuesday, December 12 2017

    Be sure to check out Tia P.'s new video "Christmas in Cali"

  • Tia P. debuts new Christmas single "Christmas in Cali"
    Friday, December 01 2017

    Off the heels of her smash single, Tia P. drops a holiday single "Christmas in Cali" that's sure to become a classic. Available on iTunes, Spotify and other online music outlets.

  • Tia P. New Video “4 Seats From Beyoncé”
    Friday, July 07 2017

    Unafraid. Honest. Unique. These are bold words- but there’s no better way to describe Inglewood, Calif. native and Howard University graduate Tia P. Driven, passionate, and charismatic, her talent as a producer, musician, and songwriter is unmatched. Taking influence from Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams, and Lauryn Hill, Tia P.’s music embodies the essence of Eyrkah Badu, the funk of D’Angelo, the storytelling of Bahamadia and the brashness of Jean Grae.

    Determined to be the Voice of the New Generation, this 23-year-old rising star has been making music and writing lyrics since the age of 6. Tia P. has opened for notable acts like KRS-One and Bootsy Collins and been seen in national commercials for Sprite (feat. Lebron James), Verizon iPhone 6 (feat. A-Trak), and Pepsi (feat. Tori Kelly)- oh, and she’s written more than 1500 songs to date.

    Tia P.’s latest single is “4 Seats From Beyonce”, a track that embodies the idea of reaching for the stars, as raps about being up close at a Beyonce concert but wishing she was up there performing: “Cuz I got good seats/ But it ain’t good enough to be/ I’d rather be on stage with her.” In the video, we see Tia P. at the hair salon while “Beyonce” (played by Donna Glytch) is a few chairs away under the dryer. Tia again sees Queen Bey while going out to eat, and the clip ends with the two in celebration, walking together towards an arena.

  • Tia P. releases her new single "REVOLUTION"
    Thursday, February 01 2018

    Be sure to go and download Tia P.'s new single "Revolution" available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other online music retailers.

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