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Digital Music Distribution


  • Our digital distribution will place your music in the largest music retailers in the world, such as all International iTunes stores, Amazon MP3, Shazam, Rhapsody, MOG, Spotify and more
  • For $49 per album or $12 per single your music will be available in 60+ download stores
  • No annual fee – we keep a modest 14% of net earnings
  • We handle all the payments transactions, download fulfillment and customer service – so you can focus on your music
  • With the Pro Plan, your songs will be registered with ASCAP or BMI, (already affiliated with one of the PROs – no problem) we will register the tracks with them plus other performing rights organizations around the world
  • You maintain 100% of your rights
  • We collect publishing royalties on your behalf for compensation for radio spins, streams, and foreign purchases and pay them directly to you.

How it works?

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Every time your music is played on the radio, streamed on the Internet, purchased in a foreign country, or performed in a live venue — you are owed additional publishing royalties. Unfortunately, independent artists are usually unable to collect this income on their own. That’s why we created Pro Account We register your songs with collection agencies worldwide We collect all available publishing royalties on your behalf and pay them directly to you.