You Provide the Content – We do the Editing

Music video promotion


  • You upload the content you want to include (mp3, logo, CD cover art and raw concert and/or interview video footage)
  • Our guys edit, add cool graphics, e.g. fly logos and cover art in . . .
  • Within 48 hours you have a Promotional Video – like the guys on the Major Labels
  • Promote new release or create a video of your EPK for talent buyers and booking agents

How it works?

img video promo

Perception may not be everything. But, in our biz it sure doesn't hurt. With the assistance of our capable staff which can create a custom Promotional Video, you can post on Facebook and look larger than life. All you have to do is to simply upload the elements we need and within 48 hours you will receive a very cool Promotional Video inside Video Promo section. How cool is that!